Genie Academy was founded with a mission to help Parents “Discover the Genius their child was born to be”

Over the years our students have been admitted to prestigious schools like MIT, Got perfect scores on the MCAT exam, and skipped 1-2 years of college. We have over 100+ case studies on our website.  We thank you for trusting us to shape your child’s future. 

However, in the past few years, we have found ourselves distracted by a constant barrage of last minute customer service requests. They are mostly urgent last-minute makeups, No-shows for conferences, and students coming without books to class. This causes huge stress for our team. 

We are also dealing with labor shortage, rising wages, other costs, and the great resignation. We are realizing that our energy is not focused on our mission as much as it should. We wanted to clarify our various policies. 

Makeup Class Policy

For our valued budget contract members: please provide us with at least 24 hours' notice if you need a makeup class, you can easily cancel the class via the parent portal. Once you cancel it will create a support ticket automatically and we will happily provide you with the makeup options at no extra cost. If it's under 24 hours, there will be a small $15 fee. 

If an unforeseen event causes you to miss your class without any prior notice, we regretfully cannot offer a makeup class.

For our members on the flexible contract, just a 4-hour notice is sufficient. You can easily cancel the class via the parent portal. Once you cancel it will create a support ticket automatically and we will happily provide you with the makeup options at no extra cost. The email's timestamp will help us verify the notice given.

We understand that life happens, and while these clauses have been in our contract, we have not been enforcing it in the past. Due to an huge influx of last minute cancellations and no-shows, we find it necessary to enforce this now.

Our coaches are at the heart of what we do, and many parents have praised their dedication and passion. Their earnings depend on students in their classes. So, when you cancel a class at the last minute or do a no show it has a direct impact on their compensation. This is the main reason behind our small makeup fee.

Break Policy

Our budget contract Parents are allowed a 1-month break in a 12 month period. Flexible contract Parents are allowed unlimited breaks. This year many of you on a budget contract requested more than 1 month's break. Our staff and company have fixed expenses that have to be paid year-round. More than 1 month's break causes severe hardship for all of us. So going forward if you are on a budget contract needing more than 1 month break. We will upgrade you to a flexible contract with the prevailing prices. The Flexible and Budget contract Parents will still be liable for the $10 per subject per child break fee.


Many students come to class without their books. To ensure the class runs smoothly for everyone, if your child forgets their book, we'll provide a replacement and add the book fee ($10-$15) to your account.

Late Pickup

While we love spending time with your children, please be mindful of our late pickup policy: there's a fee of $15 for every 15 minutes. We really prefer not to charge this, but it helps ensure our coaches are fairly compensated for their extra time. Remember, as per State of New Jersey regulations, you are required to pick up your child promptly when class concludes.

Customer Service

Coaches on site do not have the ability to provide any customer service like schedule changes, billing changes, makeups etc. Please email our offshore customer service team at for prompt service. We typically respond within a few hours on business hours Monday thru Friday 11-8pm. Most issues are resolved in 1 day. 

Student pick up policy

We want to remind you that you must drop off and pick up your child from inside the center. Please do not expect your child to walk outside the center on their own.